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    1. [ Instant Messaging ]

      NetChat is a local network messaging and communications system for Windows....

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    2. [ Search Tools ]

      Quickly look up and find area codes...

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    3. [ System Enhancements ]

      AutoShutdown can secure your computer and save on power costs!...

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    4. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      Ghost Effects gives Windows 2000 and XP users now have a way to have their...

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    5. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      WindowGhost provides transparent window effects when moving or resizing windows!...

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    6. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      DeskBar allows quick access to commonly used functions in Windows....

      Download Shareware
    7. [ System Enhancements ]

      AutoShutdown is a system shutdown manager utility program....

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    8. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      Cool animated zooming window effects when opening or closing windows!...

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    9. [ Font Tools ]

      Font manager and preview utility for Windows....

      Download Shareware

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