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    1. [ System Enhancements ]

      Allow you shut down, reboot your computer or log off from your user account...

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    2. [ System Enhancements ]

      NumLocker allows you lock state of Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys....

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    3. [ System Enhancements ]

      Allows you to use your computer via your 2-axis gamepad....

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    4. [ System Related ]

      Create launcher executables with custom icons for creating portable applications...

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    5. [ Miscellaneous ]

      AeroDesktop is a system tray application....

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    6. [ File Compression ]

      7zipSilencer converts 7Zip archive files to Self-Extracting Executable.exe files...

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    7. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      KeyboardLink is an open source shortcut launcher software for Windows....

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    8. [ Desktop Enhancements ]

      Install new portable applications to your dock....

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