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Webcam Uploader 2004 Icon
FTP uploading of WebCam picture. Capture BMP, JPG & AVI. Motion Detection!
Webcam Fun Plus Icon
Helps the user to use his or her webcam as a digital camrea.
Webcam: Pan and Zoom Icon
A webcam package supporting Pan and Zoom based on cgi and imagemagick.
Webcam Whiteboard Icon
It makes use of the ability of a webcam to see infrared (IR) light.
WebCam grabber module for Python Icon
A python module for grabbing frame of webcam
WebCam Viewer Icon
Java Applet to view a Webcam stream of JPG images
Webcam Capture Icon
Capture a picture or video from webcam.
Webcam Surveyor Icon
Record video from your Webcam, take snapshots, create time-lapse videos, and broadcast live video.
Webcam Internet Browser Monitor Icon
remote surveillance on the local webcam. Sound,Video,snapshot,exe alerts.
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Get your WebCam site up instantly with WebCam Live!