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Accurate Times Icon
Accurate Times is the official program adopted by the Jordanian Ministry
Muslim Prayer Times Icon
A .NET based application for displaying prayer times via windows taskbar.
3D Ancient World of Gods ScreenSaver Icon
Spinning and twirling in rushing 3D tunnel from the ancient world of gods
Call a function/method X times per second Icon
This simple generator function is used to call a function X times per second.
Prayer Times PC for Windows Icon
The world's most comprehensive and the easiest to use Islamic Prayer Times.
Outlook Times Addin Icon
Outlook Times help you manage time and project reporting with export to Excel.
Quiet Times screensaver Icon
This is a screensaver about Winnie the pooh.
Islamic Prayer Times Icon
Be warned of Islamic prayers time.
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This is a script for JavaScript.
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Get alerts for new articles within the topics you love.