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Slide Effect Icon
Use Slide Effect to create presentations or slideshows with a few mouse click.
Smoke Effect Icon
Smoke Effect script produces a smoke effect using flash.
Horizontal Paper-Fold Effect Icon
This is an nice Horizontal paper-fold effect.
Realistic Fire Effect Icon
Here you can chekout my realistic fire effect.
Guitar Distortion Effect Icon
This function produces an audio effect similar to an overdriven guitar amplifier
XML Slideshow with Ken Burns effect Icon
A very smooth flash/xml slideshow with a customizable ken burns effect
Flash Slide Effect Icon
Flash Slide Effect is an another cool image effect.
ie page enter/exit effect Icon
It provides a   html effect for your code.
Snow Flash Effect Icon
Snow Flash Effect (xmas snowflakes) is a standard extension for Adobe Flash
Studio Post Effect Icon
Studio Post Effect is an application to create advanced visual effects.