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Demeter Icon
A cocoa-based browser
FujiyamaSlideShow Icon
FujiyamaSlideShow is a simple and free image and movie browser.
Digital Image MySQL Icon
Digital Image MySQL is a mysql database browser.
Secure FTP Applet Icon
Secure FTP Applet is a secure FTP client that runs within your web browser.
SurfRabbit Icon
SurfRabbit is a browser add-on for Webkit-based browsers and applications
Shiira Icon
Web browser based on Web Kit.
SafariTabs Icon
SafariTabs is a SIMBL plugin for Apple's Safari web browser.
SafariCookieCutter Icon
SafariCookieCutter is a simple cookie editor for Apple's new Safari Web browser.
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Web browser for kids.
krix Icon
A visual music browser for Mac OS X.