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bch and reed-solomon decoder simulation
wei liu
simulation of binary and non-binary bch decoder ... Editor: simulation of binary bch decoding Algorithm for bch(n, k) with t bits error correction capability. three Steps: syndrome generation + ...
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Event based Stop and Wait ARQ Simulation
olutola dokun
simulation of ARQ Techniques ... Automatic repeat request is basically error detection and retransmission on request.The code represents a stop and wait ARQ protocol. stop and wait ARQ are used in ...
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Elevator Simulation
Elevator Simulation Team
Elevator Simulation can be analyzed the Elevator ... Editor: Elevator Simulation can be Simulation elevator running. ...
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Wheels On The Bus
This traditional children's song illustrates parts of the bus ... Wheels On The Bus is a simple and fun software for your kids. This traditional children's song illustrates parts of the bus that ...
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RADAR simulation
Yonathan Nativ
This is an early warning radar simulation ... The simulation simulates the targets behavior and calculates the expected radar return signal. The simulation works in the IF level assuming a perfect phase ...
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EKG Simulation
Two Brothers Software
Theatrical EKG simulation Program, Two Brothers Software ... Theatrical EKG simulation Program, Two Brothers Software. Welcome to the home page for the Theatrical EKG Simulation Program and EKG ...
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Kinematic Simulation of a Robot Arm
Juan L. J. Bascones
Kinematic Simulation of a Robot Arm ... Editor: This is a small practical example that illustrates the use of Matlab for performing the kinematic simulation of a robot arm. The example also makes use of ...
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ECG simulation using MATLAB
ECG simulation using MATLAB generates all possible forms of ECG signals with the ... Editor: The aim of the ECG simulator is to produce the typical ECG waveforms of different leads and as many arrhythmias ...
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Day-Night simulation
Day-Night simulation - Simulates day-night scenario ... Simulates day-night scenario. ...
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LDPC Code Simulation
Shaikh Faisal Zaheer
MATLAB code for LDPC (Low-Density Parity-Check) Codes simulation ... The zip file contains 1. A 128x256 Regular (3,6) H Matrix (if you need to simulate other codes, need to write your own code for ...
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