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ZIP Batch File Maker Icon
A small tool that can help you create a batch compression file
Cab Maker Icon
Cab Maker is a simple program to make a MS .CAB files.
File & Folder List Maker Icon
File & Folder List Maker will Create a list of files/folders for you.
File Listing Maker Icon
Outputs your files/folders information, suits all your outputting requirements.
Shalom Help Maker Icon
Shalom Help Maker (SHM) is a Windows help file editor that does not need MS Word
Batch Maker Icon
When you're ready just double-click your new batch file and watch the magic.
Mp3 File Editor Icon
Mp3 Tag Editor, File Renamer, Playlist Maker, wav converter and player in one.
Oven Fresh Robots Txt Maker Icon
Robots Txt Maker. Make a robots.txt file by filling in simple form fields.
Overhead Wave Match Maker Icon
Finding similar sounding samples in a WAV file and save them to a new file.
Easy Gif Maker Icon
Gif maker is a animation tools that compose images to gif file.