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Chilkat Email ActiveX Component Icon
Email ActiveX Component for POP3 and SMTP
Chilkat Bounce ActiveX Icon
Chilkat Bounce can extract the email address from a bounced email.
Chilkat Charset ActiveX Icon
Chilkat Charset converts text data from one character encoding to another.
Chilkat IMAP ActiveX Icon
IMAP client component for reading and managing email and folders.
Chilkat Zip ActiveX Icon
Zip ActiveX component for VB6, classic ASP, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, and others.
Chilkat XML ActiveX Icon
Load/save XML files,add name/value attribtes to nodes.
Chilkat MIME ActiveX Icon
It is used to create an manipulate MIME and S/MIME messages.
Chilkat MHT ActiveX Icon
It is used to converts HTML to self-contained.
Chilkat Spider ActiveX Icon
Spider Component is used to crawl a web site.
Chilkat Zip ActiveX Component Icon
ActiveX Zip component for .zip file format, .gzip, Unix .Z, and self-extractors.