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Cisco AnyConnect Icon
Give any user highly secure access to the enterprise network, from any device, at any time, in any location.
Genius Connect - Calendar Icon
Connect Outlook or Exchange calendar to any SQL Database.
Acronis Files Connect Icon
Integrate Macs and mobile devices into your Windows network without any issues.
Genius Connect - Mail Icon
Store Outlook or Exchange mail in any SQL Database.
Genius Connect - Notes Icon
Sync Outlook or Exchange Notes to any SQL Database
DeskTask Icon
Connect to Microsoft Outlook, display your calendar and task items on the desk.
Modbus Online Icon
Connect to any device remotely via the internet using the MQTT protocol.
FTP Client Engine for PowerBASIC Icon
Connect to any FTP server from your application.
Sharity3 For AIX Icon
Connect your Unix computer to any Windows,Samba or other SMB/CIFS Server.
Sharity3 For DEC/Compaq/HP Tru64 Unix Icon
Connect your Unix computer to any Windows, Samba or other SMB/CIFS Server.