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CL Buddy Icon
CL Buddy will notify you with a text message to your cell phone or an email.
cl-wav-synth Icon
cl-wav-synth is a wav sample editor.
CL Desktop Icon
CL Desktop is a Craigslist Browser that lets you quickly search.
CL Program Editor Icon
A source code editor for CL Programming on IBM System i5/OS or OS/400.
CL-libxml2 Icon
This is a wrapper around libxml2 and libxslt libraries written in Common LISP
CL-Routes Icon
Dependencies with other Common Lisp applications like iterate
CL-Tools 4Win Icon
GUI for Popular Command Line Utilities CDImage, Cabarc, MakeCab and UPX
Allegro CL Icon
Persistency built in, not a database add-on.
Clozure CL Icon
This is an open source Common Lisp implementation supporting a number of platform
ClientAPI-CL Icon
Client API is a set of functions that simplifies microcontroller project develop