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Codec Calculator Icon
Calculate data rates for multimedia files.
Apple Pro Apps Uncompressed 4:2:2 Codec Icon
Update for the Uncompressed 4:2:2 Codec on OS X 10.9.
AC3 Codec X Icon
Play AC3 audio in AVI files.
x264 QuickTime Codec Icon
Encode H.264 faster than the Apple encoder.
Apple Intermediate Codec Icon
compatibility and reliability for Final Cut Express HD and iLife ’05 uses
Phantom Cine Toolkit Icon
QuickTime codec for Vision Research Cameras.
MusikAnywhere Icon
Extract and convert audio to a specified codec/bitrate.
Calibrated{Q} AVC-Intra Decode Icon
A multi-threaded QuickTime Codec for AVC-Intra MOV files
Calibrated{Q} IMX Decode Icon
A multi-threaded IMX QuickTime Codec
Calibrated{Q} DVCProHD Decode Icon
A multi-threaded DVCProHD QuickTime Codec