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Coding Standard Adaptor Icon
Coding Standard Adaptor script contains a function which takes an object.
Coding Art Mp3 tagger Icon
Mp3 Tagger can help you control the important tags easily.
Coding FTP Icon
Using script to automate FTP operation
Huffman Coding and Decoding for Text Compression Icon
Static Huffman Coding and Decoding
Auto Refresh Pages while Coding Icon
Insert these 2 lines into the to have your local pages refresh while coding.
Huffman Coding and Arithmetic Coding Icon
This file contains MATLAB functions, m-files,
Channel Coding using hamming codes Icon
The set of MATLAB codes demonstrate an example of hamming code
Absolute IP Cam Media Coding Combo Icon
Video security application with recording, monitoring and face recognition
VB Law Workstation Icon
VB Law Workstation is a powerful coding standards enforcement add-in for VB6
Easy Ribbon Builder Icon
Create your own tab in Microsoft Excel to action your macros, without XML or customUI.xml coding.