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Edit Distance Alignment Icon
Edit Distance Alignment calculates alignments between two arrays
edit-EXIF Icon
It can be used to add or edit EXIF2.2 tags to existing JPEG image files.
Edit Pad Icon
Take quick notes and write texts in a word processor.
Quicky Edit Icon
Edit the desired text with this simple tool quickly.
Koala Edit Free Webpage Editor Icon
Edit your webpages in visual and code-based modes.
Text Edit Plus Icon
Edit text files, generate quick stats
PDF Edit Tools Icon
edit pdf,rotate pdf, pdf tools, convert image to pdf, preview images - easy use
HTML Quick Edit Bar Icon
Edit HTML pages "on the fly" with Internet Explorer.
Ajax instant edit Icon
Let people edit a piece of text inline without having to use a submit button.
SnIco Edit Icon
SnIco Edit is an advanced icon editor.