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NS Panel Icon
An implementation of Panel control for .NET developers.
My Frame Panel ActiveX Icon
My Frame is the perfect substitute control for the classic Microsoft frame.
SimPanel Icon
SimPanel is a multi-functional virtual control panel designer/emulator
WindowsPanel Icon
WindowsPanel is a hosting control panel for Windows servers.
Go Extensions Icon
Quick access to the Extensions Control Panel directly from the toolbar
M Explorer Locker Icon
Lock My Computer (drives, folders, files, ...) , control panel, search, cmd.
Safarp Icon
Small and fast alternative to the 'Add or Remove Programs' Control Panel applet
Mediaware Task Manager Icon
Process monitoring tool. Control startup items and quickly launch applications.
Folder2MyPC Icon
be able to add any folders and programs in 'My computer' and 'Control panel'.
Molecule Viewer Icon
Molecule Viewer has an advanced control panel .