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Desktop Messager Icon
Desktop Messager - draw/write messages on the desktop and record/play them!
Desktop Closet(tm) Icon
Desktop Closet(tm) allows you to save and restore the position of desktop icons.
Desktop Crystal Icons Icon
Desktop Crystal Icons will enhance any software or web interface.
Desktop Shark Icon
Desktop Shark is a virtually undetectable software spy tool
Desktop Device Icons Icon
Turn your desktop into a piece of are with a collection of Desktop Device Icons.
Desktop Halloween Icons Icon
Instantly enhance your desktop with the set of free Halloween Icons!
Desktop Building Icons Icon
A set of building icons for your desktop, applications and Web projects.
Desktop Education Icons Icon
Colorful and intuitive set of Desktop Education Icons for Web site and software.
Desktop Closet Icon
Quickly clean, restore and manage your windows desktop.
Desktop Notes Icon
Desktop Notes is a program that will allow you to post notes on your desktop!