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Vicon English-Russian Dictionary Icon
Free English-Russian dictionary
English to Indonesian Dictionary Icon
A comprehensive English to Indonesian Dictionary for Palm OS.
Marketing Terms Dictionary for mobile Icon
Brush up your marketing lingo with this free dictionary right before the present
ActiveX/ASP Multi Dictionary object Icon
FeaturesFree-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm. Unique/nonunique keys (m...
Alternate Dictionary Icon
Create and use your own dictionary for abbreviations or foreign words.
Free Dictionary For Windows Icon
Free english dictionary for windows installs in seconds.
Smart Mobile Dictionary Icon
The biggest and fastest mobile dictionary for English language.
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus Icon
Use thesaurus and dictionary to look up words while surfing the Web or composing an e-mail.
TransLite Spanish - English Dictionary Icon
Easy-To-Use Spanish-English Dictionary. 250.000 terms.
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This is a free online occult and pagan dictionary software.