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Dock Detox Icon
Dock Detox is a haxie that will remove application icon bouncing in the Dock.
Dock Separators: Blueglow Icon
A different dock separator to enhance your dock.
Dock Clock Icon
A big clock in the dock with desktop option.
Dock Dodger Icon
Removing the Dock icon is as easy as Drag and Drop.
Dock-It Icon
Launch utility allows for multiple docks & more.
Doctor Cleaner Master Icon
CPU, RAM, disk, and file cleaner.
Doctor Who Icon
Utility for finding application by file extension
TARDIS Databanks Doctor Who Fan Saver Icon
TARDIS Databanks Doctor Who Fan Photos from Gallifrey '06 Convention Mac Saver
Moving Dock Icon
Move the dock based on mouse location.
Desk Doctor Low Resolution OSX Icon
Desk Doctor detects, prevents and rehabilitates RSI, and carpal tunnel syndrome