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Ghost MP3 CD Maker Icon
Ghost MP3 CD Maker is the world's simplest,fastest and smallest CD burning soft.
Film//Riss Icon
Film//Riss easily cuts commercials from MPEG Video files
Ghost Install Icon
Ghost Installer is a powerful application setup system for Windows 95/98/Me
Ghost Effects Icon
Ghost Effects gives Windows 2000 and XP users now have a way to have their
Film-like tone reproduction operator Icon
A film-like tone mapping function for HDR images
Ghost Hunter Icon
This is the perfect free computer program for anyone into Ghost Hunting
Ghost Rider screensaver Icon
Let's enjoy the screensaver of Ghost Rider.
Ghost Control Icon
Record the repetitive tasks that you do, and have your computer do it for you.
Ghost File Icon
Add password for any format file and set the number of executions.
Ghost Keylogger Icon
Monitor keystrokes on your computer and have the info sent to your e-mail.