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LiveRSS Gadget Icon
This gadget downloads RSS feeds and scrolls them as a creeping line
Kazaa Faster Download Icon
Small add-on to KaZaa to speed up downloads, and complete more downloads.
Firedownload Icon
This extension will speed up your downloads up to 10 times.
WebLoader Icon
Web Loader can downloads web sites to your computer's hard drive.
PDA-Download Icon
Useful PDA Download Links?Free Downloads (programs, games, music, books, ringt
Crawler Download Manager Icon
Gain control with FREE Crawler download manager! Perform fast downloads!
FileCluster Toolbar Icon
Toolbar used to search for software downloads from within your browser.
FSplit Developer Edition Icon
The ideal tool for your setup downloads! Why create two different installatio...
Manolito Icon
Manolito is a file-sharing program for peer-to-peer free music downloads.
Download Butler Icon
Schedule and manage all of your downloads. Simple interface, quick downloads.