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Getting filename ActiveX class Icon
Getting the filename of an ActiveX class name
Over the Rainbow Icon
Over The Rainbow from the drop down menu.
Getting uptime in windows 2000/NT/XP Icon
This recipe will help getting windows uptime using the "net statistics server"
getting sober Icon
This CHMOD calculator will show you how to set file permissions.
Getting min/max in a sequence Icon
It is useful to know what is the smallest value in a sequence.
Getting th permutation of a sequence Icon
This function, given a sequence and a number n as parameters.
Getting SYSTEM environment variable under Windows Icon
Here presents function for retrieve SYSTEM variable value.
Getting Ascending Order of Numbers Recursively Icon
This recursive function prints numbers in ascending order.
Getting the data dropped on a window Icon
Provide a log text buffer to output the data dropped.
Fitness over 40 Icon
Fitness over 40,fitness tips, toolbar for IE