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CPU Info Icon
Widget displays how hard your processor is working.
iPhoto to Picasa Web Albums Icon
gives you more control over how you share your photos
KidsMouse Icon
Teaches infants how to use a mouse.
iPodage Icon
Tells you how many songs really fit into your iPod.
Font Mate Icon
Font Mate is a simple program to help you see how fonts look on your computer.
Videotron Internet Usage Monitor Icon
It can tell me how Much of your monthly quota you have Used So Far.
ArtRage Studio Pro Icon
Paint, Sketch and Draw With Tools You Already Know How to Use!
SigniFigures Icon
Learn how to identify significant figures in math.
MegaMensuration Icon
Explains how the mensuration formulas for the circumference and area of circles.
Immutation Icon
This is an image effects tool that pays attention to how you got the effect.