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Apple iTunes Icon
Play Apple Music and manage your media and iOS devices.
iTunes Consolidator Icon
iTunes Consolidator is an easy to use application for locating songs.
iTunes Playlist Changer Icon
iTunes Playlist Changer is an application that will let you change, stop.
iTunes-LAME Encoder Icon
This program can integrate iTunes-LAME into the Scripts menu of iTunes.
iTunes Current Song Menu Icon
Display the song currently played by iTunes in the menu bar.
iTunes Alarm Icon
This iTunes utility turns your Mac into the most fully featured alarm clock.
iTunes Controller 2 Icon
An advanced award winning iTunes controller / upgrade.
iTunes Video Importer Icon
Add videos to iTunes with a simple drag-and-drop
iTunes Buddy Icon
All the Latest iTunes Happenings on your Dashboard.
iTunes Artwork Icon
It can shows you the album artwork of the currently playing iTunes song.