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Java Virtual Machine Specifications Icon
helps the developing of the Java virtual machine.
Java Virtual Rosary Icon
A desktop Java application to display the traditional Roman Catholic Rosary.
Microsoft Virtual Machine Icon
Technical guidance on transition planning and tools for identifying MSJVM site
Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine Icon
Starts up Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMware virtual machines by Wake-On-LAN packets
Virtual LIGHT & SOUND MACHINE Install Icon
Virtual Light and Sound Machine!
Java Machine Learning Library Icon
A library of machine learning algorithms and related datasets.
The Easier Drum Machine Icon
A virtual drum machine for the music fans.
Noa, Your Virtual Assistant Icon
Answering Machine aller ID presentation you can even access to my functions.
Beatcraft drum machine Icon
Make your own sweet beat with easy to use virtual drum machine software
Sneaky Virtual Desktop Icon
Sneaky Virtual Desktop allows users to have up to 32 desktops on their machine