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Decompile and analyze Java 5, and upper, ".class" files.
HoubySoft Calculator GUI for Linux Icon
A simple and free tools that can make math easy with an advanced calculator.
Firewall Builder for Linux Icon
GUI firewall configuration and management tool
UFxp for Linux Icon
UFxp is a GUI client for FXP.One using the Ultimate widget toolkit.
BookmarkBridge for Linux Icon
A small, easy to use, multi-platform, GUI-based utility.
Tadpol's Calculator for Linux Icon
This is a little calculator with no little GUI buttons.
UniversalIndentGUI for Linux Icon
UniversalIndentGUI is a graphical ui (gui) for multiple source code indenters.
Kid Games With Java for Linux Icon
It uses Java GUI programming concepts for building many fun games.
Sylpheed for Linux Icon
Sylpheed is an email client and news reader based on GTK+ GUI toolkit.
gID3 for Linux Icon
Unlike other GUI id3 tag editors, gID3 displays a list of all the files.