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Learn To Use - Photoshop Icon
Video-based training for Adobe Photoshop.
Learn CS5 Widget Icon
Receive Adobe CS5 and 6 tips and tricks in your Dashboard.
Learn to Draw with Mrs. Hoogestraat Icon
Teaches skills and concepts like perspective, rendering, more.
Pick and Learn Icon
Pick And Learn helps kids to learn the order of alphabets and numbers.
iKanji Icon
Kanji learning tool featuring flash cards and testing modules.
GCH Guitar Academy course (Mac OSX) Icon
Learn to play guitar multimedia course + tuner, metronome, chord chart and more
Into A Black Hole Icon
Learn more about black hole riddle of the Universe.
Solfeggio Studio for Piano Icon
Learn piano music theory.
iVocabulary Icon
Learn vocabulary.
Computers at Work Icon
Learn computer skills.