32 Results
SSH Explorer SSH Client Icon
User-friendly SSH/Telnet client for remote Linux server administration.
Luke Irc Client for Linux Icon
Luke Irc Client is a simple IRC client that you can chat with your friends.
NetMg Client for Linux Icon
Computer resource management from Windows to Linux, Apple Mac and so on.
Toro FTP Client for Linux Icon
A cross-platform FTP client with graphical user interface.
dxirc for Linux Icon
dxirc is a simple yet capable cross-platform IRC client.
Smuxi for Linux Icon
Smuxi - irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform IRC client.
CraftyFTP for Linux Icon
A FTP client written in Java.
Quassel for Linux Icon
Quassel IRC is a modern, distributed IRC client based on the Qt4 framework.
SLiteChat for Linux Icon
SLiteChat - A Lite IM/Chat Client for Second Life.
msmtp for Linux Icon
msmtp is an SMTP client with a sendmail compatible interface.