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Machine Vision Image Analysis Toolkit Icon
Perform robust image analysis and object recognition for images.
Saeco Espresso Machine Icon
Saeco Espresso Machine. Want to know which saeco espresso machine is the best?
Turing Machine Simulator Icon
A Turing Machine Simulator that allows an arbitrary machine to be loaded
Finite State Machine (FSM) Icon
This recipe shows a Finite State Machine that can be used for parsing tasks.
Time Machine Icon
Time Machine allows you to input any date past or future.
Slot machine in 3d Icon
Slot machine in 3d program demonstrates how to create a 3d slot machine.
Mugshot Machine Icon
Let anyone with a webcam take pictures like a photobooth machine.
Nihongo Machine Icon
Includes the Nihongo Machine flashcard program.
Uber Turing Machine Icon
Turing machine simulator for students, academics and programming enthusiasts.
The Cart Machine Icon
The Cart Machine is easy to use, fast and designed for radio use.