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Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 2 (64-Bit) Icon
Get the latest updates for Office 2010 and improve your document management system.
Microsoft Office Picture Manager Icon
It has a flexible way to manage, edit, and share your pictures.
EF Mailbox Manager (64-bit) Icon
Manage mailboxes in multiple POP3 accounts.
EF Process Manager (64-bit) Icon
Display comprehensive information about which modules/processes have opened.
EF CheckSum Manager (64-bit) Icon
Verify and generate checksums in SFV, MD5 and SHAx formats.
EF Duplicate Files Manager (64-bit) Icon
Find out duplicate files with same name, same size, same content.
EF StartUp Manager (64-bit) Icon
Control what programs run at the system startup.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express (64-bit) Icon
Learn and build desktop and small server applications and redistribute by ISVs.
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (64-bit) Icon
Track, report, and share vital information to reduce costs and increase productivity with improved communication.
EF Commander (64-bit) Icon
Explore a brand new file manager, archiver, viewer, FTP client for the Windows desktop.