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Microsoft PowerPoint Helper Icon
Provide zoom and scroll functions during PowerPoint presentation.
Presentation Tabs for PowerPoint Icon
Tabbed Editing, Browsing and Managing Presentations of Microsoft PowerPoint
Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys Icon
Developer Power Toys for the Windows Mobile platform.
Excel Power Expander Icon
Add automation utilities and new worksheet formulas to Microsoft Excel.
Amazing Visio for Microsoft Visio Icon
Add power to your Visio drawings with this tool set.
ZoomIt Icon
Presentation utility for zooming and drawing on the screen.
USB Flash Drive Manager Standard Icon
Backup and restore presentation, pictures, etc from and to USB Flash drives.
Joulemeter Icon
Joulemeter is software to estimate the power consumption of your computer.
Visual C# 2008 Express Edition Icon
A great combination of power and productivity for the Windows developer
Informal White Box Testing Icon
GameFest 2008 Quality Assurance Track Presentation from GameFest 2008