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All-Glass Firefox Icon
Running the normal Ffx on x64 Windows works just fine
World News Toolbar for Firefox Icon
All the news of the world from the most reliable sources at your fingertips.
AllOver for Firefox Icon
All your needs are combined in this toolbar. Search on popular sites
Clear All History Icon
Clear history Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, clear Google history.
MozillaCacheView Icon
View all files currently stored in the cache of your Mozilla Firefox browser.
MozillaCacheView Icon
List all files currently stored in the cache of Firefox/Mozilla browser.
Clear Cookies Easy Icon
Clear all unwanted cookies from Internet Explorer or Firefox with a single click
Cookie Crumble Icon
Wipes ALL browser cookies of MSIE and FireFox
Auto Clear Cookies Icon
Wipe all browser cookies from IE and Firefox or cookies from a single website.
Super Clear Cookies Icon
Clear cookies from a single website or all browser cookies from IE or Firefox.