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Wanyword Icon
Text search with Boolean and near or proximity operators.
Solar System - Uranus 3D Screensaver Icon
A nice free screensaver with a magnificent view of Uranus from a near orbit
RK Audio compressor Icon
RKAU is a standalone lossless and near lossless audio compressor.
Mouse Flying Indicator Tool Icon
Clock, Keyboard layout and CapsLock indicators near mouse pointer.
Dup Detector Icon
Find duplicate and near duplicate images by opening and reading image pixel data
Travel Guide Icon
Screensaver showing the Falls of Clyde, Scotland, near Roslin Chapel
Splendid Trees screensaver Icon
Fill the air near your desktop with fresh oxygen of Splendid Trees!
Context Menu Extension DLL Icon
Easiest way to add your own Windows Explorer menu with icon near your verb.
Water Clock 3D Screensaver Icon
Take a look at a wonderfully crafted clock situated near a waterfall.
Joke411 Icon
Displays a daily joke near the system clock during Windows startup