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Neat Image plug-in for Aperture Icon
Plug-in filter designed to reduce visible noise and grain.
Neat Image plug-in for Photoshop Icon
Plug-in filter to reduce noise/grain in images.
Neat Image Icon
Digital image filter.
Neat Video OpenFX Icon
Noise reduction plug-in for OFX-compatible video applications.
Locr for Aperture Icon
This new plug-in for Aperture allows you to upload your photos.
GalleryExport for Aperture Icon
Plug-in that automates the process of getting photos from Aperture to Gallery
Adobe Image Viewer for Mac Icon
Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 5.
Jade Aperture Plug-in Icon
Jade Aperture Plug-in can enhance image colors, contrast, and dynamics.
Edit for Aperture Icon
Edit Plug-in for AppleAperture, that offers more than 5000 Professional Effects.
Fisheye-Hemi Mac Icon
Adobe Photoshop Plug-In filter that automatically corrects for lens distortion