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OLE XLSFile Icon
OLE XLSFile is an ActiveX library for reading´╝îwriting Microsoft Excel XLS fi
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OLE-Storage module gives access to the raw data streams of documents
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Ole is a free software that has great new features.
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OLE Automation Collection Sample
OLE Automation Controller Sample Icon
OLE Automation Controller Sample
Ole registry cleaner Icon
Removes ole garbage from the Windows registry!
Access OLE Export Icon
Extract OLE Object files from Access and SQL databases.
Querylet-Output-Excel-OLE Icon
Querylet-Output-Excel-OLE module allows you to output the database query results
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Simple OLE Automation Object Sample
SIBPROvider Interbase OLE DB Provider Icon
SIBPROvider is a good OLE DB Provider specific for Interbase/Firebird. SIBPRO...