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Parallel Computing Toolbox Icon
Perform parallel computations on multicore computers and computer clusters.
Parallel Port Viewer Icon
This program allows you to view and control parallel port on hardware level.
Parallel Port Monitor Icon
Utility for monitoring and setting the individual bits of the Parallel port
Parallel Port Library For .NET Icon
lets you a full control over the Parallel Port of your PC
Parallel Password Recovery (Office module) Icon
Recover open password for MS Office XP/2003/2007 documents
Parallel Password Recovery (RAR module) Icon
Recover password for RAR/WinRAR archives
Parallel-Plate Capacitor with Dielectric Model Icon
The capacitor can be charged by connecting one plate.
Sonoris Parallel Equalizer Icon
The Sonoris Parallel Equalizer (SPEQ) is a minimum phase parametric equalizer.
Intel Parallel Studio Icon
Create optimized, innovative parallel applications for Windows.
Intel Parallel Cluster Studio Icon
Tool Suite For MPI Developers On High-Performance Clusters.