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Testing Master Icon
Testing Master is a web application Load, Stress and Performance testing tool
QT Lite Icon
QT Lite is a trimmed down version of QuickTime
Qt Linguist Icon
Help you easily add translations to the Qt-based applications you develop.
Qt Twisted (threadedselectreactor) Icon
Integrates Qt using the threadedselectreactor.
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Automated Testing software. Testing software for all kinds of automated testing.
QT Movie with Object Class Icon
Overcome IE5.5 /IE6 neglect for QT on Windows platform as highlighted by Apple.
QT Kiosk Icon
It is a simple kiosk application that will loop QuickTime media in full screen.
Qt Visual Graph Editor Icon
Create, manipulate, open, and store graphs within various open formats.
Testing for the XMLHTTP Request object Icon
This is a script for ASP.NET
iMacros Website Testing Icon
Easy Web Automation, Functional and Regression Website Testing, Data Extraction.