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Single-step motivation and goal-setting Icon
Single-Step Motivation And Goal-Setting Software
Single parameters style for DB API modules Icon
This recipe allows to code SQL queries the same way independent on paramstyle.
single-step goal-setting software Icon
A step-by-step program to help you set goals and learn to motivate yourself.
Single Operator Chat Software Icon
Online live web chat software suggest business query help desk support solution
Sorting and Searching Algorithms Icon
Sorting and Searching Algorithms code contains all the common sorting/searching
Boyer-Moore-Horspool string searching Icon
A string searching algorithm based upon Boyer-Moore string searching
MaxxPI-Preview-Single Icon
CPU/Memory benchmark, PI based. Designed for SINGLE core usage
RationalPlan Single Project Icon
RationalPlan Single Project: affordable Project Management Software
Mortgage+Care Single Investor Icon
Do you only service in-house loans? Then you need Mortgage+Care SI.
SMAWK totally monotone matrix searching algorithm Icon
This algorithm takes as input a function for computing matrix values.