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Skype for Pocket PC Icon
Skype for Pocket PC, Make calls and chat for free, WiFi or 3G connection.
Skype for the Nokia N800 Icon
Skype for Nokia N800 mobile phone
Skype Recorder Icon
Record Skype calls in high-quality audio and video formats.
Skype Talking Icon
Provides access to Skype by reading incoming and outgoing Skype alerts.
Skype Proxy Icon
A program for forwarding TCP/IP connections over Skype.
Skype Chess Assistant Icon
Beat your friends at chess on Skype or simply increase your skills.
skype chatbot Icon
This plugin allows you to connect known chatbot with Skype.
Skype Online Status Icon
This is a Script for Skype.
Skype chat Sea Icon
Freeware Tool to create your own art in Skype(TM) chat!
Skype Launcher Icon
A tool for running multiple Skype accounts on the same machine.