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Class 8.4 Browser Icon
Class 8.4 Browser Created with Visual Basic
Class Project Manager Icon
For teachers of any computer class who desires to cut down on floppy disk or ...
Class From Config for C#.NET Icon
ClassFromConfig is code generation utility
POP3 e-mail client class Icon
Class that implements the access to mail boxes using the POP3 protocol.
Mail Receiving Class Library AwPopLE Icon
This is the class library for mail receiving.
CCmdLine Class Icon
C++ class will help you get a handle on parameters passed to your application
SMTP Class Icon
SMTP Class is a class that enables you to send email direct through smtp server
Histogram class Icon
This PHP class can generate histogram plots and statistics from a given data set
CSocketServer Class Icon
A robust high performance,multi-threaded,multi-client,socket server/client class
CRC32 Class Icon
A C++ Class that encapsulates the official CRC-32 algorithm used in PKZip