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Super Hash Calc Icon
A small tool to calculate hash
Super Screensaver Builder Icon
A powerful tool to create, compile and distribute screen savers
Super Screensaver Builder Icon
offers screen saver builder for producing professional image slide shows
Super Alerts Icon
Allow organizations to deliver stunning alerts to user desktops.
Super Duper Music Looper XPress Icon
It's a fun way to create music.
Super Guitar Chord Finder Icon
Helps you learn, search for, analyze, and play guitar chords.The Chord Analyz...
Super Prize Wheel Icon
Organize prize wheel events for various purposes.
Super Prize Egg Icon
Entertain public on trade shows and parties with breakable prize eggs.
Super Prize Grid Icon
Create prize grids for retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows.
Super Prize Picture Icon
Showcase prizes on various events.