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Tab Mix Plus Icon
Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities.
Bar One Icon
Bar One has been designed to be used with a ScanSnap scanner.
BAR script Icon
BAR is a full reservations system.
Bar Graph MDI Icon
Bar Chart MDI, a GRML web browser, supports CSV or character-delimited.
Tab To Window Icon
This extension allows the user to move or copy a tab to a new window.
Tab Order Helper Icon
By this Add-In ypu can change the controls tab index easily by clicking on them.
Bar Charts Icon
Our dynamic bar chart applet makes it easy to display bar charts on web site
Bar Code 3 of 9 Icon
Want to print bar code 3/9 directly from Windows? Bar code 3/9 is the most po...
Bar Codes and More Icon
Print your own bar codes from within any Windows program!
Bar Code 128 Icon
Print bar code 128, EAN-128, SCC-14, SSCC-18 on labels, packaging, or gif/jpg.