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Send SMS Widget Icon
Send SMS Widget is a Dashboard widget sends SMS text messages.
emitSMS Icon
Write text messages in dashboard, send through mobile phone using bluetooth.
myFMbutler AutoSender Icon
Automatically send e-mails, faxes or SMS text messages from FileMaker Server
Drivers for the Motorola L6 Icon
This driver pack allows you to send text messages (SMS) via the Mac OS X
Decipher TextMessage Icon
Save iPhone SMS text messages to your Mac.
HakoreSMS Icon
HakoreSMS is a widget used for sending SMS text messages.
Viber Icon
Send messages and make calls for free to other Viber users.
AutoMailer Icon
Send text and Web email to a large number of recipients.
Mass Mailer for Mac Icon
High-performance bulk email program to send personalized messages to customers.
SMS sender Icon
Type SMS messages on your Mac and send them via your iPhone.