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Compressor DirectX Plug-in Icon
A Compressor/Noise gate DirectX plug-in.
Timeworks Mastering Compressor Icon
This program features include compression/ limiting, 64 bit internal precision.
Timeworks Phazer Model 88 Icon
The model 88 brings back the phaser sounds we heard throughout the 70's.
Timeworks ReverbX RTAS Icon
This is a Reverb effect RTAS plug-in for Windows and Mac operating system.
Timeworks ReverbX for DirectX Icon
This is a Reverb effect plug-in for DirectX.
Timeworks Delay 6022 Icon
Individual Left/Right faders to control delay time and spin with this plug-in.
Timeworks Reverb 4080L Icon
The 4080L combines superb early reflections with lush, rich tails reverb effect.
Timeworks Equalizer Icon
30 band spectrum analizer on board, a phase meter, extensive keyboard control.
Compressor COM-iv Icon
Modify live sounds with a studio effects pedal.
Compressor 3.2.1 Icon
General-purpose data-compression utility distinguished by its unique design