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DJ Music Mixer Icon
Remix and cross-fade MP3 and music video professionally.
MooSick Minimal Music Player Icon
MooSick is a free mplayer-based Music Player with a built-in Song Database.
XSPF Web Music Player Icon
XSPF Web Music Player is a flash-based web application.
Agile  timed music player Icon
A professional timed music player used for factory broadcast, campus broadcast
A4Desk Flash Music Player Icon
An all-in-one software that creates interactive Flash music player.
Myst IV - music player Icon
Play music from the Myst IV: Revelation game without having to start the game at all.
Myst III - music player Icon
Play music from the Myst III: Exile game.
Mini Flash Music Player Icon
There is also available the Secure TSPlayer family
A Random Music Player Icon
Play all your mp3 collection, always a different song.
Easy Music Player Icon
Easy Music Player is a simple player tool.