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Message Paster Icon
A text paste tool. it can quickly and easily paste message into an application.
Message Sniffer Icon
Message Sniffer is a command-line anti-spam scanner.
Message Synchronizer for Windows Mail Icon
Message Synchronizer for Windows Mail synchhronizes messages among computers
Message Dialog Icon
A Code of Message Dialog.
Message Response Time Statistics Icon
Show average message response time and the number of replies in Outlook.
Message Organizer Deluxe Icon
Phone message and in-persons visit management software for Windows..
Message Toolbar Icons Icon
Speed up development with stock message icons in toolbar sizes
Message batch data extractor Icon
The program allows you to extract data from Microsoft Outlook .msg files.
Message Manager Deluxe Icon
Need a way to display a usage policy and track responses?
Message Authority Icon
Keep your inbox free of spam by learning your email habits.