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tweaker for window xp Icon
Background optimizer automatically optimizes computer while it’s idle.
Window Shutdown Icon
Window Shutdown - Windows XP Shutdown Component
XP Controls Icon
ActiveX DLL gives VB controls look and feel of Window's XP.
iFX XP Sound Creator Icon
iFX XP Sound Creator is the leading tool for creating sounds for Window XP.
Seven Remix XP Icon
A program designed to beautify the Window XP GUI
Centered Pop-Up Window Icon
Centered Pop-Up Window within a browser window of any size.
Auto Maximize Window Icon
A simple script that automatically maximises the browser window.
Lively Browser Icon
Lively Browser = Tree + Tabbed = Browsing 100+ webpages per window.
DimFil Internet Browser XP Icon
Change position of the tab headers in tab control (Left, Right, Top, Bottom).
Multi-Browser XP Icon
Real multi browsing - surf with multiple browsers at once.