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Excel XML Open & Import Software Icon
Load XML files into Excel as a table.
Compare Two Lists For Matches Software Icon
Load two text files and keep only duplicates. Save results as text files.
Inactive Shut Down Control for MS Access Icon
Shut down an MS Access application automatically after a period of inactivity.
Shut-it Down Icon
Shut-it Down is a professional utility that you can use to shut down Windows.
Likno Drop Down Menus Trees Icon
Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees - powerful html menu trees creation!
Lock It Down - Free Edition Icon
Lock It Down Free Edition is a secure file and folder locking software.
IMS - Inventory Management Software Icon
Keeping inventory management costs down is crucial to competitive advantage.
Cargo Load Plan - CubeMaster Icon
Cargo loading software to optimize the load on trucks, sea-van, pallet & tote.
AutoLoad Pro-Container Loading Software Icon
Intelligent container Load Planning Optimization System
3D Load Packer Icon
Multi container loading optimizer - 3D rectangular space allocation software.