Automatically start the debugger on an exception Icon
When Python runs a script and an uncatched exception is raised.
Deal Or No Deal Game Icon
A game based on the tv game show, Deal Or No Deal.
All k-subsets from an n-set Icon
This recipe yields each subset of size k from a super set of size n.
Classmethod emulation in python2.1 Icon
Class methods were introduced in python2.2.
PySol Icon
PySol is an exciting collection of more than 200 solitaire card games.
Lego Mindstorms Bluetooth interface Icon
The new Lego Mindstorms NXT brick has an on-board Bluetooth transceiver
Sudoku Solver Script Icon
This is a simple text based Sadoku puzzle solver.
Http client to POST using multipart/form-data Icon
A scripted web client that will post data to a site.
Create table statements for MS Access tables Icon
Parses the output of MS Access's documenter report and generates sql create.
SMAWK totally monotone matrix searching algorithm Icon
This algorithm takes as input a function for computing matrix values.
Breadth first traversal of tree Icon
Uses a recursively called simple generator to traverse a tree in breadth first
Convex hull and diameter of 2d point sets Icon
Convex hull and diameter of 2d point sets script returns the convex hul
Catch the Furball Icon
Catch the Furball is an icebreaker-like game for friends to play around
Fast Fourier Transform Icon
This code implements the O(n log n) Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithm as simply.
Simple UDP Multicast Client / Server using twisted Icon
Here is a simple example showing how to correctly use the UDP multicast function
Hopcroft-Karp bipartite matching Icon
A bipartite graph in a variation of Guido van Rossum's dictionary-of-lists forma
The Magic Notebook Icon
The Magic Notebook lets you keep and organize notes.
Transfer Windows login script to Python Icon
For Windows administrators who would like to use Python for their login scripts.
Remote Shutdown on Windows Icon
Shuts down or reboots a remote computer.
A library to interface with Half-Life2 Dedicated Servers
Wake On Lan Icon
Switches on remote computers using WOL.
Get the MAC address of a remote computer Icon
Uses the Internet Protocol Helper functions on Win32.
ASCII to Hex converter Icon
Converts ascii to hex and back
Word Scramble Solver Icon
A script I wrote to solve those word scramble puzzles you see
DBF reader and writer Icon
Reader iterates over records in Dbase or Xbase files.
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Icon
A class that carries out Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
Fractal tree Icon
This simple program can be used to compute and display a 2D fractal tree.
Format strings like PRINT USING, for Ruby Icon
This is an extension to Ruby's String class.
web2ldap Icon
A generic LDAPv3 client which does not make any assumptions
Stripchart Plotter Icon
OpenGL Stripchart plotter for a user defined number of channels.
icmplib Icon
icmplib: library for creating and reading ICMP packets (Python)
'Safe' Python module reload Icon
This is a script for python.
OK cancel dialog Icon
This is a script for python.