Python Cryptography Toolkit Icon
A collection of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, implemented for use
Ordered Dictionary Icon
This dictionary class extends UserDict to record the order in which items added
Scramble Word Icon
Re-arrange characters of word by using simple string manipulation and Random.
Edge-coloring of a bipartite graph Icon
Edge-coloring of a bipartite graph script allows you to verify Konig's theorem.
Performance monitoring via telnet and ftp Icon
This code snippet shows how to kich off a performance data gathering shell scrip
Reverse Lookup Yellow Page Icon
look up personal/home address from a phone number (US & Canada) usage
Decimal to Roman numerals Icon
Convert decimals to Roman numerials.
LaTeX codec Icon
Codec for converting unicodes to LaTeX markup and vice versa.
Sieve of Eratosthenes Icon
Computes an infinite sequence of primes using simple generators.
Find and replace string in all files Icon
Change the IP address in his DNS hosting bind configuration
Paypal IPN Icon
This is a cgi script that allows you to log an ipn request from paypal.
Qt Twisted (threadedselectreactor) Icon
Integrates Qt using the threadedselectreactor.
Observer Design Pattern Icon
This simple class implements the observer design pattern
Twisted / BitTorrent :: Client / Server Icon
Two modules that run a BitTorrent server, and uses Twisted as a client
Web service accessible using both XML-RPC and SOAP Icon
This is yet another example of an XML-RPC capable web service
Remote database access using XML-RPC and SOAP Icon
Shows how to remotely access a database via a web service supporting XML-RPC
urllib2 for actions depending on http response Icon
urllib2 for actions depending on http response script opens or closes a database
Parsing out EDI messages Icon
A parser I designed to work with HIPAA EDI files.
Simple ZODB viewer in wxPython Icon
This is a very simple script to allow someone to examine a ZODB database.
Read/write object for pkg-config files Icon
Here is a convenient way to create, parse, alter, and write .pc files.
Using the logging module Icon
This amazingly powerful module is a mystery to novices.
Computing permutations with duplicates Icon
This handles duplicate values in the list
Mapping arbitrary objects to a PostgreSQL database Icon
You need to store arbitrary objects in a PostgreSQL database
Getting the data dropped on a window Icon
Provide a log text buffer to output the data dropped.
Rss aggregator with twisted Icon
It's scalable too very high numbers of feeds and can be used in multi-client
Memento design pattern in python Icon
You need to cache instances based on what arguments are passed to them.
How to implement state-dependent behavior Icon
How to implement state-dependent behavior script demonstrates a networkcard
Event driven programming Icon
This small code demonstrates how state driven programming can be done in python.
Change line endings Icon
It is often necessary to convert the line endings on files for them to work
RPN Stack class Icon
This is an example of how to write a stack and then employ
ASTVisitor generator Icon
Parse the online documentation for compiler.ast and generate code
Automatic indentation of output Icon
Output stream wrapper; possibly useful for debugging code with print statements.
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Icon
A class that carries out Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
Fractal tree Icon
This simple program can be used to compute and display a 2D fractal tree.
Format strings like PRINT USING, for Ruby Icon
This is an extension to Ruby's String class.
web2ldap Icon
A generic LDAPv3 client which does not make any assumptions
Stripchart Plotter Icon
OpenGL Stripchart plotter for a user defined number of channels.
icmplib Icon
icmplib: library for creating and reading ICMP packets (Python)
'Safe' Python module reload Icon
This is a script for python.
OK cancel dialog Icon
This is a script for python.