Image extractor Icon
Extract images (jpeg/gif) from screensaver files, webshots collection files.
Registry Wrapper Icon
This recipe provides "Registry", a Windows registry wrapper class.
Resuming download of a file Icon
This script shows how to resume downloading of a file.
Drawing rubberbands over a canvas Icon
Implement rubberbanding code for canvas objects in a wxPython application.
Python Octree Implementation Icon
This is a simple implementation of an octree data structure in python
urrlib2 opener for SSL proxy Icon
This small module builds an urllib2 opener that can be used to make a connection
Check your Windows sound system Icon
Find out if the sound hardware on your windows PC is working properly.
FedEX Tracking Information Icon
A user to track the current status of a package sent through FedEx
Quickslice decorator Icon
Quickslice decorator script defines a decorator that allows for an abbreviated
Tracking file requests in web server access logs Icon
Tracking file requests in web server access logs
OpenOffice to xml and/or text Icon
Converts OpenOffice documents to XML and text.
Some missing string functions Icon
Missing string functions script introduces some functions to help you manage
Windows registry Icon
Windows registry script allows you to store some data for your progam
Finding Eulerian path in undirected graph Icon
Takes as input a graph and outputs Eulerian path (if such exists).
Lightweight XML constructor and reader Icon
Wonderful buzzword so clients often like to have exports of data in that format.
Debuging of object instantiation Icon
Debuging of object instantiation script helps you to perform additional tasks
Simple XML RPC server over HTTPS Icon
Simple program that demonstrates how to write an XMLRCP server.
Silva Icon
Silva is a powerful CMS for organizations that manage multiple or complex websit
Calculate the distance matrix Icon
Calculate a distance matrix out of a list of n-dimensional points using scipy.
Count PDF pages Icon
A simple way to count the pages of a PDF the pure Python way.
Logging to a Jabber account Icon
Logging to a Jabber account script contains a handler class.
lxml Icon
"Programming with libxml2 is like the thrilling embrace of an exotic stranger
mx.ODBC example Icon
mx.ODBC example script shows you how to get the columns of a table and get data.
socket.recv Icon
An issue with socket.recv is how to know when you are done receiving data.
Metakit for safe reading and writing Icon
Metakit is a reliable/lightweight/fast database library that python can use.
simplest useful HTTPS with basic proxy authentication Icon
This is just about the most simple snippet of how to do proxy authentication
A recursive function to get permutation of a list Icon
A recursive function to get permutation of a list script allows you to make
Create an ODBC data source Icon
Create an ODBC data source script creates the required ODBC data sources.
Changing file attributes on windows Icon
Offers SetFileAttributes whiles allows you to make changes to a file in windows
Large File Sizes on 32 bit Windows Icon
Large File Sizes on 32 bit Windows script uses the FindFiles win32call.
A fast prime number list generator Icon
This is a fast prime number list generator using sieve algorithm.
Accessing MS exchange with webdav Icon
Accessing MS exchange with webdav script allows you to query an MS exchange.
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Icon
A class that carries out Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
Fractal tree Icon
This simple program can be used to compute and display a 2D fractal tree.
web2ldap Icon
A generic LDAPv3 client which does not make any assumptions
Stripchart Plotter Icon
OpenGL Stripchart plotter for a user defined number of channels.
icmplib Icon
icmplib: library for creating and reading ICMP packets (Python)
'Safe' Python module reload Icon
This is a script for python.
OK cancel dialog Icon
This is a script for python.
ZChat Icon
Provide an example of how the z_service module can be used.